Why do I live badly the departure of my son in boarding school?

Why do I live badly the departure of my son in boarding school? Since the beginning of the school year, our 15-year-old son has been in boarding school for orientation reasons. He lives very well this separation but me, I am invaded by the doubts and the guilt. Why? Sophie Claude Halmos Psychoanalyst Responds Dear Sophie, I had the impression when I read that your suffering was probably less about your son and his future than you and your past.

Education: loving is not yielding

Why is it important to frustrate your child? Etty Buzyn The child is responsible for making parents. He's going to see how far he can go, to make safe parents. But a secure parent is not a parent who says yes to everything. A parent who does not put a limit is a parent who does not reassure. To frustrate is also to allow him to flourish.

I, a bomb?

I, a bomb? I start a therapy to regain confidence in myself (I hate my body and my curves ...). During my first consultation, the psychiatrist told me that I was beautiful and that with a few pounds less, I will be a "bomb"! Is it normal for a professional to give a personal opinion? Metisselyly, age 26 Gérard Apfeldorfer Psychiatrist and psychotherapist answers A bomb, mazette!

Meeting between Charles Rojzman and Gandhi's grandson

Yet, in some cases, we can not stay in non-violence, we must act through violence ... Charles Rojzman: Yes, in the face of the madness of some, we must protect ourselves. This is not violence, but an essential fighting energy to defend oneself. It can go to war. But a war with rules. Arun Gandhi: I do not completely agree.

Massage: the Kobido against emotional tensions

This Japanese energy massage, alternating softness, speed, acupressure and gentle massage, shaping the skin, relaxes the body and regenerates the spirit. Agnès Rogelet What is Kobido? "Plap-plap, plop ..." The body resonates under the percussion of Aline Faucheur, massage designer, who, in a gesture, strikes, catches and relaxes the skin.