How to talk politics to his children?

"Mother, Child what is left and right? "," And you, what are you voting for? "These questions have no reason, at first glance, to plunge parents into embarrassment. And yet. Between the fear of conditioning children and the desire to transmit values, the exercise is delicate. Flavia Mazelin Salvi Between the US and French presidential elections, for several months, homes have been buzzing with questions from children, who are usually more interested in their Pokémon scores than those of Socialis

If my daughter had spinal problems, would I be responsible?

If my daughter had spinal problems, would I be responsible? When my daughter was 8 months old, her father, very stingy, refused to buy a bed for her, so we were lent one. But it was very damaged and I did not realize it until very late, when someone told me about it. My daughter is now 6 years old and I am obsessed with the idea that her back has been damaged by my fault.

How to learn to respect each other?

In today's world, in the ways of life that are ours, respect is a true asceticism and all the more so as we begin our existence with a fundamental handicap . Would we be conditioned? Jacques Salome Jacques Salomé is a psychosociologist. He is the author of The courage to be self (Pocket) and Living with others (Ed de Man).

Meeting between Charles Rojzman and Gandhi's grandson

Promoting non-violence, is not this utopian in a world where violence is everywhere? Arun Gandhi: Non-violence is an ideal that can and should work every day because it is based on love, understanding and respect. We cherish these values, and yet everyone says today that they are meaningless. But thinking so, we become part of this process.

Caregiver blogs: the ups and downs of white coats

They are general practitioner or emergency doctor, nurse or auxiliary of life ... And they decided to tell on a blog. Because they have wanted to share their daily life, their questions and sometimes, also, a feeling of loneliness or revolt. But above all, all say it, because they wanted to proclaim loudly how much they love their job, even if it is not always easy.

"Making love increases our vitality"

Sexual organs are powerful centers of energy. Some ways of making love would not only help increase our life force, but also keep youth and health. The explanations of the Taoist master Mantak Chia. Interview with Mantak Chia Initiated at the age of 6 to Buddhist monks' meditation practices, he studied tai chi chuan, aikido, and kundalini yoga before receiving Master Yi Eng the Taoist teaching he transmits today.