Inactive stepfamily

When I met my companion, I arrived from the provinces. Far from mine, my landmarks and in full "construction", I totally submitted to my in-laws. I wanted to do well and especially to please everyone. At the very beginning, I thought I was in an advertisement representing the best of all worlds and then I quickly understood .

The youthfulness of our mothers

They pioneered feminist advances. At 60, our mothers are approaching their second life and do not intend to lose independence or dynamism. In her new book, Christiane Collange is studying "seniorettes". She tells us. Anne-Laure Gannac Happy mothers Our mothers have taken a facelift. After 60 years, they have nothing to do with the "old ladies" of previous generations.

Can my therapist talk about my therapy to my employer?

Can my therapist talk about my therapy to my employer? I feel the need to consult a psychologist, but I have some professional apprehensions (I work for the state in the justice sector). If I consult a psychologist would he be obliged (given my profession) to report it to my employer? Can he give me a sick leave?

Your dream decrypted: My house was attacked

Every month, Tobie Nathan decrypts one of your dreams. The ethnopsychiatrist and professor of psychology responds this month to Mara, 49, who dreamed that her house was under attack. Isabelle Taubes Mara's dream, 49 years old "I'm in a house, a great Provençal style house, everything is fine, suddenly I hear gunshots.

Sleepwalking and squeaking ...

Sleepwalking and squeaking ... How to overcome my problem of somnobulism? Sylvie Royant-Parola Psychiatrist answers Nearly one in five French people suffers from sleepless nights. But for Sylvie Royant-Parola , psychiatrist and specialist in sleep disorders, it is appropriate to distinguish occasional insomnia from chronic insomnia.

Hiking: walking to recharge your batteries

Great spaces, nature, relaxation ... Hiking is a great way to recharge your batteries. A healthy practice adapted to everyone, provided you prepare well. Testimonial and expert advice. Hiking by Psychologies-com Hiking: Walking to recharge your batteries ... by SEPREM PRODUCTIONS Discuss it: on the Form forum.