Laurence Ferrari: "I am a resilient"

The first months, you were very badly handled: by the fall of the hearing, by the press, by the critics ... How do you have it lived?

L. F: I did not think it would be so hard, even though I suspected it would have to go through it. However, at no time did I let myself be destabilized. I do not say that I remained insensitive, but I never asked myself: "Have you made the right choice?", "Are you the right person?" Never. Because I knew why I was there. I made a journalistic choice, in total agreement with my career, with my passion for information and my taste for teamwork. I felt like I was in my place, and that's what helps keep you moving.

What drives you so far?

L. F.: The taste of life, without hesitation! I am fundamentally driven by an urgency to live, by the deep awareness that everything can suddenly stop, and that we must take advantage of every second as if it were the last. As far back as I can remember, and according to my relatives, I have always carried that in me. It's innate.

Is it not related, too, to your mother's suicide when you were 23 years old?

L. F.: That's something I refuse to talk about. It would be risky to give substance to an ill-intentioned press and hurt relatives who do not want this subject to be mentioned. And, of course, this kind of suffering marks a way of life. Obviously. But that does not sum it up. This girl full of the desire to live that I'm talking about, I was well before. I have always been.

You do not allow yourself to show your flaws?

L. F.: I assume all that I am, so my faults too. But it is a question of education and respect for others: we do not complain. I am from an Italian family; an Italian, it screams, it sings, it cries, it slams the doors, but it does not moan. Not at home, anyway. I hope to have some ... dignity. On the other hand, I can tell you about the suffering in general, the one I am facing as a journalist and because of my associative commitments. One thing I can say for sure is that once you find resilience tutors - people to rely on and the love with which to feed - you can go beyond.

You are a resilient?

L . F.: I think, yes, that at my small level, I am a resilient. But I did not understand until very late. I advanced a long time in my own way, with my energy, my barriers, until the day when I asked myself: "Here, but why did you build yourself like that?" Why do you react in this way?"And I read books by Boris Cyrulnik, I had the opportunity to speak with him ... Yes, resilience is a theory that suits me well and that amazes me whenever, in villages of our association , I meet young, healthy adults who have known hell.

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