Testimonials: their first real orgasm

Orgasm is a fragile mechanic, and slow is the climb that leads to the fireworks. Early or late, six women entrust us with their flight: when their pleasure has become enjoyment.

Danièle Luc

Funny enjoyment: at your fingertips and sometimes totally rebellious to express yourself. The first orgasm is often alone, caressing, a woman experiences it. Getting it is easy, almost automatic, but now, facing each other - the partner, the man - what is a controlled solitary climb can become an unreachable Everest. Mechanical, but fragile mechanics exposed to emotions and tensions of love. So the real first time is sometimes delayed, long after the first penetration. And takes by surprise - a shower head, the needles of an acupuncturist, a lover a little rogue. The circumstances are whimsical that trigger the switch to enjoyment. This revelation of the conflagration, women usually remember. They say their amazement at the force that was expressed in them and some of which had only intuition. Here is the story of first flights.

"I was alone in a jacuzzi overlooking the sea"

Eleonore, real estate agent, first orgasm at age 24

"Three boyfriends, with whom I loved making love, confirmed my certainty to be sexually fulfilled.Although ... No woman has a reference, a unit of measure to control the normality of her pleasure.

One day, in California, alone in a jacuzzi overlooking the sea, I stuck my cock quite by chance on the jet propelling the bubbling water of the bath.The pleasure that I felt urged me to keep the position.And there, the sunset exploded in my body.An orgasm I had never known that complete conflagration which seems to come from afar, from the depths of the self, which lifts the body and radiates almost beyond it. "A dull tension contracting the lower abdomen, triggering a series of spasms that rise in the body, spread in him, before bursting in the head a v Real fireworks, silly, I started again. Twice, three times, four times ... it worked every time. Awesome! Finally, I told myself, this is just a story of tension. It is less obvious with a man, because one then confronts, at the same time, the relation with others. We are less free. It took me three or four years to find that intensity again. And I remained a fan of the vibrator in my moments of loneliness, traveling or when I have trouble falling asleep. "

" The acupuncturist planted her last needles and ... "

Marion, journalist , first orgasm at 27

"His hands flit on my anatomy, stiffened horizontally on the auscultation table.The old man plants his last needles: ankles, wrists, around the sex and breasts, and plunges his mischievous eye into mine. "Your ward is already growing. It will start in three minutes. He runs slowly, his back arched with a light laugh. "I leave you alone ... I have enjoyed more than one. "Transformed into a pincushion, I fix, incredulous and tense, the lacquered ceiling. My skin is tingling. I wait. The tingling intensifies, the heat rises. My belly gets heavier, contracts. Almost a pain. My breasts are stretching. A slight fever creeps along my spine and spreads in three waves ... A gentle wave that goes off at the flat of the belly ... A second, which dissipates just born ... A third a little more intense, which breaks , dry, in the hollow of my kidneys. The little man with glasses came back. He snatches his money needles. "It worked! She is red to the ears. You will come back three times, that will teach you to play the frigid women. "

It is to this acupuncturist that I owe my first orgasm, certainly limited, but liberating. I had chosen to consult this therapist, pushed by a friend worried for me. I had two children too early, even before knowing the pleasure, and I had closed to him. During the next two sessions, not only was the orgasm amplified, but the heat did not dissipate.

The needles have awakened in me that body zone that did not live. Something voluptuous inhabited me. Did the men around me feel it, or did I look at them more greedily? Still, I went to one of them with desire then enjoyment. And then, I understood that the orgasm was mechanical, independent of the other sex and feelings that I could feel. That it came from me, from my capacity for abandonment, from my ability to seek pleasure - selfishly - and to follow it. "

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