Why is baby crying?

A baby rarely cries "for nothing", much less on a whim. He cries to express a malaise, a need: hunger, pain, fatigue, but also boredom, frustration, the need for affection.

Christilla Pellé-Douël

Before being a small thing to surround with our care, the baby is above all a human being. Not yet endowed with words, he only has tears to make himself understood.


This is the most common cause of baby crying. For up to about 3 months, its nutritional requirements occur about every three hours - sometimes more frequently, especially in the breast, because breast milk is digested faster.

Do not let a hungry baby cry on the pretext of regulating it. The little one needs to eat, including at night. And there is no risk to spoil him, quite the contrary: a child whose essential need is satisfied is a child who not only calms because he is fed, but also because his parents answered his call .

Easily recognizable, hunger crying starts with a shrill scream, followed by silence (inspiration), then a continuous and insistent scream. As long as he has not eaten, baby cries louder and louder, fidgeting. Waiting too long, we are likely to end up with a hungry baby, who refuses to feed in his excitement. To calm him down, cradle him by speaking softly to him, then "prime the pump", sliding in his mouth the little finger dipped in milk. Once he has perceived the taste, he will stop screaming ... and you can calmly give him the breast or bottle.

It is thirsty, hot, cold

The little ones express themselves when they do not feel well: too hot, too cold. Simply slide a finger down the neck to assess their temperature: in case of excessive heat, it sweats. Touching the extremities, hands and feet, is also an indication.

In both cases, it is easy to remedy the discomfort by removing or adding a layer of clothing. And do not forget to give him something to drink: water if it's too hot, a warm bottle or breast to warm it up.


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