Depression, a benefit?

Lack of self-confidence, black ideas more and more persistent , no longer want anything ... A finding to make: the depression that settles. But pride refused to see reality in the face. I wanted to get by on my own, like a big guy. It was then the great plunge, in morbid abysses. External intervention. Several months of hospitalization were necessary so that depression did not end up destroying everything. The psychiatric hospital is a strange world that we get used to.

The depression acted as a detonator, a developer, a tree that hid a forest. Exactly, this forest whose existence I did not know until then was me. This deep self that was struggling to hide, to hide. Depression is certainly very painful, but can in many cases be a chance, a blessing. And to see that the life that we led before was not the one we longed for deeply, but a life of false pretenses.

It takes a therapeutic work of several years to discover and accept oneself as one is, with its limits and skills. A work of reconciliation with oneself, work where each passing day is a bonus. Today, life has returned to life and every passing day is a blessing, a gift.


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