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Today, at 46, I have taken 7 pounds in 7 years and I can not lose weight anymore. Still, I eat without excess. Sometimes I do prolonged fasts (5 days) which do me good, but if the results are pleasant during the following month, the weight returns, always the same. However, I have circulatory problems that would force me to not exceed a certain weight. Is there any particular food to have when you are close to menopause? Victoire1962, 46 years old

Gérard Apfeldorfer

Psychiatrist and psychotherapist

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Your body mass index is 23, 9, rounding up. The normal is between 20 and 25. so you are not overweight, from a medical point of view. Certainly, fashion would like you to be thinner ...

The problem is that you have done, as I understand it, lots of efforts to lose weight. Repeated fasts, among other things. These repeated fasts are pernicious: they make you lose weight, but in this weight loss, there is a lot of noble lost tissue, muscle and tissues of your organs. Then, when you gain weight, you only take back fat. In the long run, you get weaker and it becomes more and more difficult to lose weight. You are here ...

The truth is that you do not do what you want with your weight. We have within ourselves food and weight regulation mechanisms that are both very flexible and extremely powerful. Very flexible, since we can, either because of the circumstances, or by personal decision, not to eat, to eat a lot, to eat this rather than that. But very powerful because, after a few weeks, a few months, these mechanisms of regulation are strongly felt and "it" begins to eat, sometimes completely outside the will.

All your troubles come from wanting to discipline your body to conform to your wishes. It does not work like that. A brutalized body protests and gets angry. It's up to you to be nicer with your body, to be more attentive to what it asks for, to respect your sensations and your food emotions. This body, cherished and respected, will then stabilize to its natural weight, or "balance weight", for which it is regulated. It may not be the weight you want, but it's the weight that suits him. Then it's up to you.

If you have circulation problems, you should take care of them, of course, whatever your weight.

As for the menopause, it is often difficult to live because the body is defeminated and in particular the size thickens, without that one takes necessarily a lot of weight.What to do, if not accept this turning point in life, if it is not redoubling kindness vis-à-vis the body by respecting and caring for the best we can. For example, by giving him exercise, which I see as a kindness, a gift given to him. As for a particular diet at this time of life, there is none.

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