What is eye yoga?

What is eye yoga?

The yoga of the eyes is recommended to improve its vision or slow down the misdeeds to come. What does it consist of?

Stéphanie Torre



It is more and more emulated: workers on screen or under artificial lights, quinquas eager to delay an incipient presbyopia, myopic wishing to slow down the deterioration of their view, etc. His tools: exercises to relax or tone the muscles of the eyes. Warning: this method is not miraculous or instantaneous. Who says yoga says patience, will and regularity.

- The Benefits

The majority of practitioners wear glasses and want to slow down the evolution of their disability. Many are also taking these courses in a preventive way: a relaxed and well-irrigated eye optimizes the ocular capacities.

- Lessons

They are individual or collective. The exercises are centered on the gaze but also sometimes the body to contribute. Some are stimulating. Standing in front of the sun, closed eyelids, slow swings of the body from right to left bathe the eyes of light and circulate the blood. Others are relaxing. The "palming", for example: we rub our hands against each other for a few seconds, then we apply the warm palms on the eyelids. After a few lessons, you can practice alone. Duration: one to three hours.

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