My sleep disturbances poison my life

I have been having trouble sleeping since I was very young, since I am old enough to walk, it seems. When I was a child, these disorders were characterized by incessant nightmares (attacks of monsters of all kinds, even my stuffed animals wanted me badly!). When I was not having nightmares, I woke up anyway several times a night. As soon as I heard a noise in the house, I was on the alert. With time, the theme of my nightmares changed, but they did not leave. I still wake up at the slightest sound that my ear perceives, and I start thinking about anything and everything when I wake up.

Until I left high school, I was not really disturbed by the sleep disturbances, since I had the time to take micro-naps several times a day to stay in shape. I always had a quirky rhythm, waking up early in the morning and sleeping very late at night, with a drop in activity and attention in the middle of the day, but without major consequences for my studies or my social relationships.

However, after the baccalaureate, and especially since I work, it has become much more difficult! Office hours are not at all compatible with an atypical sleep pattern. It's impossible to take regenerating breaks during the day. I tried to go to bed early in the evening, but it was impossible to sleep while I heard my neighbors ... No need for me to go to bed before everyone else!

I tried relaxation, essential oils, a more balanced diet, sport at noon to feel more tired at night ... Nothing works, as soon as I put my head on the pillow, my ears open wide and cling to all the tiny noises that surround us but to which normal people do not pay attention. And these noises, I can not choose not to listen to them to fall asleep, nor to stay asleep! As long as they persist, my brain is awake.

The first two years of working life were a nightmare for me. I suffered from chronic fatigue with lack of attention that made me dangerous at the wheel, not very stable on my legs, I also broke a lot of glasses while doing the dishes! I collapsed on the couch on my way home in the evening, and I spent almost all my weekends comater in a state of semi-sleep.

But over time - maybe age? - my body seems to get used to this rhythm. Even if I sleep in cuts of 2 or 3 hours, it is not visible anymore on my face. If today I get to sleep 5 hours in a row - which happens rarely - I am in excellent shape for the whole day! However, it is true that I have more trouble concentrating than before, I often have to make an effort to retain simple information that I am given, and this is a problem in the professional setting ...

I never thought of consulting a doctor for my sleep problems.I do not like the idea of ​​having to take any medicine for something as natural as sleeping. I thought that with time these troubles would smooth out, but this has not been the case so far. The only times I'm really fit are when I can go to bed and get up at the times that fit me, and sleep split over the day. I rather thought of looking for a job that would allow me to live at an unusual pace, but I have not yet found something that suits me. But I'm lucky to have met an understanding man who sleeps silently every night!

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