5 Rituals of positive energy to radiate throughout the year

Simple and accessible, they have the power to transform your daily life. How? Restoring confidence and joie de vivre, neutralizing stress and toxic influences. A few minutes are enough to make the transformation.

Flavia Mazelin Salvi

A "Mudra" to cultivate his love of life

The mudra is a Sanskrit word for a figure that is made with his fingers to maintain or recover health of body and mind. The mudra throat, proposed by Philippe Vincent, tai chi teacher, not only to facilitate the proper water circulation in the brain and get rid of the anxieties of the night, but strengthen the joy of living. To increase its effectiveness, it should be done preferably between 8 am and 9 am, and one hour before bedtime.

With your back straight, place your hands in an upright position, slightly apart in front of you. The palm of your right hand is facing you, that of the left towards the outside.

Switch left hand horizontally to the right hand, spread the ring finger of keeping the other fingers extended and joined, and drag the left on the right hand (thumb , index and major in front).

Hold one or two minutes while breathing calmly and deeply.

Philippe Vincent is the author of the Mudrâs, an energetic gesture (The Golden Breath).

A meditation to clarify one's mind

Ruminations incessant, constant hubbub of thoughts clashing ... This inner chaos, let's face it, is our daily lot. To appease our mental overheating and clarify our mind, the psychiatrist Jacques Vigne proposes a technique that he calls "the method of labeling". To practice when you can not unplug.

Sit quietly, still, eyes closed. Start with a long exhalation, then inhale through the nose and exhale for a long time through the mouth. Repeat a complete cycle three or four times.

Then call a simple word everything that happens in your body and mind. For example: "tension", "excitement", "fear", etc. This process condenses the inner chatter into the funnel of a few simple labels. The spirit is gradually calming down, because, "when the disruptive emotions go to the assault, the labeling has the power to paralyze them", explains Jacques Vigne.

Jacques Vigne is the author of Practice of Secular Meditation (The Hardcover).

A Breath to Live Peace and Harmony

This practice developed by Catherine Ternaux, who specializes in the practice of breathing in yoga and meditation, aims to "gain space and feel, as a point anchorage, solid and open, dense and generous ".

Practice each time you feel upset, destabilized or disturbed.

Lying, breathe, paying attention to the feeling of your swelling belly.

Inhale by feeling the volume of air entering you, which makes you rise like a balloon.

Exhale feeling that you are emptying yourself and landing like a hot air balloon.

Keep to breathe by feeling both movements, then your whole body breathes through every pore of the skin. You can also choose to be a swelling and narrowing sponge, or a flower that blossoms or closes.

Practice this breath until you feel soothed, recentered, dilated.

Catherine Ternaux is the author of Breathe Life (The Round Table).


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