Varnish: yes to the vegan manicure!

varnishes "cruelty free", all ingredients of vegetable origin and lasting, an equation made possible by the boom of vegan cosmetics. A short guide to the products that work and if you feel like it, a video recipe to make your "green" nail polish in 3 minutes ... Aurélia Hermange-Hodin

Classic nail polishes, allergenic?

For two weeks, Melanie, 26, a perfume saleswoman, has itchy eyelids, and red patches have even appeared on her cheekbones. She finally decided to consult a specialist. "I was convinced that my dermato would incriminate an eyeshadow or a new mascara, says the young woman.At all expectations, it was my nails that interested him. he quickly diagnosed an allergy to ... my nail polish! "

Non-toxic varnishes

No wonder, according to Hervé Brunet, dermatologist, who explains that" our hands are in contact with our eyes more than two hundred times a day, but the toxicity of certain ingredients used in the formulation of most varnishes is well established ". The solution? Choose one with water, such as Scotch Naturals or Aroma-Zone. But if their non-toxic formulas nicely adorn the nails of a syrup-like glaze, these lacquers are visually less covering and take less time than their chemical cousins. The unbreathable smell less. Side varnish, so it is still complicated to combine ethical and aesthetic requirements.

A vegan polish and good hold, it's possible!

Ideally, our lacquers should not contain dibutyl phthalate (used to give the varnish its flexibility and prevent it from cracking, and strongly suspected of being an endocrine disruptor), nor toluene (a neurotoxin), nor formaldehyde (potentially carcinogenic). Especially since it is possible to avoid the abuse of chemistry and the tests on animals, as the professed Christian David, co-founder of the green nail brand Kure Bazaar, which claims 85% of plant ingredients. We have replaced the solvent, generally derived from petrochemicals but essential to bind the components of the lacquer, by a vegetable distillation ", explains the one who also created the fragrance organic Honored Meadows. A philosophy shared by the Anglo-Saxon brands Habit (on sale on the Bazar-bio website) or NCLA (on sale at Nocibé), the French Boho and Italian Alessandro, sold at Sephora, whose good-looking products do not contain any animal substance or toxic component.

Express Tuto: 3 minutes to make a vegan varnish

Thanks to Aroma-Zone, discover an easy recipe to make a water-color varnish.Its pretty transparent syrup-like texture is perfect for a colorful and discreet manicure.

Express recipe: 3 minutes to make a ... by Psychologies-com


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