I do not understand my ex: how to explain his behavior?

Looking for answers to your questions about the reactions and behavior of your ex? How to anticipate his desires to push him to grant you a new chance? What are the solutions that are within your reach to recreate the attraction between you two?

The biggest issue of the people I coach in coaching and that I also find in your comments or see messages, concerns all of your interpretations vis-à-vis the reactions of your former partner. You absolutely want to understand your ex and for that you analyze each word or action of the latter or the latter.

This is often what leads you to have what I call "false interpretations" and that is why you must learn to target what are the acts to analyze and conversely those without real importance. The goal is to know when you are off track because it will have no impact on your recovery. When one says to oneself "I do not understand my ex", it is that one feels a real change in this person whom one likes and one fears therefore that he / she forgets us definitively.

What I want you to understand through this article, but also the conference that I will give Sunday (for the registration for this exceptional meeting it happens at the end of the article!), is that succeed in recovering his ex is actually to regain control of the situation and your emotions. But at no time should we show that we are waiting for the return of this person whom we love more than anything. So we must necessarily avoid making too quick interpretations but rather ask how to reverse the trend so that it is not you who are in an active process but rather your ex who comes to you. Yes it's possible ! And I explain some of the reasoning to hold here but especially this Sunday during the webinar.

The signs to never analyze when you want to recover an ex!

From experience, I can tell you that there are two types of signs that should not be interpreted under pain of letting your emotions invade you, which would be detrimental to your recovery.

Analyze everything his ex says to your loved ones

You tend to survey everyone around you, whether your family or close friends to find out what your ex thinks about the situation and what he / she is telling them. In this situation, you should know that because of the social context you will never have the truth about his state of mind. An ex will rarely give up on his morale, on his desires and the words reported by your loved ones can moreover be transformed.

I will take a concrete example to explain this point which is essential. There are certain separations where the problem is of a sexual nature, at least in part. Very sincerely do you imagine your ex talking with your mother to explain that nothing goes to bed between you?

I sincerely invite you to never attempt to analyze what your ex says to your loved ones and in a general way his words. Concentrate on the acts with a will to make it come to you as and when ... Without haste!

Spying his ex on social networks!

Again, it is useless to draw conclusions about the behavior of his ex at the level of social networks because you will have a hard time being able to interpret his posts. You must absolutely avoid logging into his accounts or going on his profiles to precisely not want to understand what he / she says because it may work all day long and break your reconstruction.

I know it's always very tempting to know what's going on in the head of his ex but social networks remain a very virtual way to make believe that everything is going well and your ex will never post what he / she really thinks!

I do not understand my ex! What does he think of me?

By scheduling this conference online on Sunday night, I wanted to do a full game on the following theme "How to know that my ex is still thinking of me "Because I know it's a question that you have in mind everyday. You absolutely want to reassure yourself about his feelings and it is important for you to be confident when you envision the future.

You may think that an ex who performs actions towards you, even if they are not always friendly, still thinks of you and has trouble turning the page after the breakup. On the other hand, if you are confronted with an ex-person who changes in silence and shows total indifference, I do not hide from you that you will be in a delicate situation.

The goal is not to burn the steps when you say I do not understand my exnor to seek to attract the attention of his former partner on the contrary, to focus on change and the resumption of control. The ultimate goal is to balance the situation and recreate a relationship of seduction between the two of you.

So it's time to make one or more distances to see (or not) that your ex comes to you and therefore also thinks of your story!

One goal: to regain control for the reconquer!

In general, the reconquest is not to try to understand at all costs the reactions of his ex. Indeed, by doing so you will undeniably place yourself below her / him to hope for a return from him.

On the contrary, your goal is of a different nature. It is imperative to trust your actions and your change to prove that you deserve a new chance without begging for a return to one's ex at all costs. It is also in this way that you will stop observing each fact and gesture by asking yourself "But why does my ex act like this?" To leave room for a new question "How do you make him want to come to me?".

This second question is based on the future and the good deeds to be created in order to regain complete control over your reconquest and to gain personal confidence. You will avoid doubting each action taken by your ex to reassure you about the situation.

It is never easy to explain the behavior of an ex because many interpretations can be made even for a simple action. So it's time to turn the tide and make sure your former partner asks you a lot of questions and starts doubting the idea of ​​being able to get you back into a relationship.

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