I live under the same roof as my ex, how to fix things?

How to recover his ex when we still share the same housing? What are the techniques that adapt to your story to revive feelings? How to create the lack when you still live together especially for children?

If you find yourself in this situation, you are perfectly right to be looking for advice that will fit perfectly to your situation because there are certain specificities. It should be known that there is not a single method of reconquest "magic" but indeed a multitude of techniques that it is appropriate to adapt to its history so as not to make any missteps.

Today, you still live with your ex and you do not know how to make a good radio silence? How to revive the communication especially through a handwritten letter? Or how to manage the many conflicts? Your main problem lies in the behavior of your ex who is only a reflection of his anger, his lack of consideration and his desire to run away.

To accompany you in your reconquest I will give you new advice, that I pass only to people I accompany to help them manage their emotions and regain control of the situation. Be aware that I make free and exclusively for my readers a webinar (conference on the internet) this Sunday at 18:00 so do not hesitate to register here: I reserve my place for the webinar "The 10 steps to recover his ex".

My ex lives with me and is afraid of manipulation!

I know you do not really appreciate the term "manipulation" and yet it is often done unconsciously. Your ex will not support the idea of ​​seeing you being able to rebuild yourself and turn the page of the past. So you try to be rational to put a good atmosphere at home (especially for children), but nothing works, you suffer only the reproaches and permanent anger of your ex.

You must understand that this behavior is only the result of injuries of the past and that your ex does not want to see you happy.

Why ?

Simply because he / she also suffers from this separation and it is his way to "revenge" without being aware of the harm he / she is doing to you.

In these conditions, it is imperative to seek to regain control of the situation and that is why I recommend desensitize to the behavior of his ex. Never show any negative emotion or discomfort and endure all the nasty things you will suffer, without straining the other cheek, but without cracking in front of this person who shared your life and who is now turning into a demon.

You will notice at this moment that you will gradually take control and that your ex will stop being contemptuous and disrespectful towards you.

In front of the violence, the shouts, the reproaches ... You will remain calm and you will be able more easily to improve your communication and to find a life in two a little more calm and peaceful. It is only then that you will be able to launch your reconquest because all that you will do while tensions will remain will not be useful since the impact will not be the good one.

Patience even when you live with your ex!

Many people call on my personal coaching and say "I always fall in love with the actions of my ex" because as I explained in the previous paragraph, you have to face many negative aspects from him / her.

And yet, when it comes to reconquering, I can guarantee you that regaining control is not as complex as it seems. You can more easily master the situation from the moment you keep in mind that you have to to be irreproachable over time and this is even more the case when one says to oneself "I live you the same roof as my ex I do not have the right to the error".

Your ex will be obliged at some point to change his behavior when he / she will realize that he / she is no longer reaching you at all and that you are now independent. The more you will be able to establish positive in your reports and the better your chances of successfully bringing back a nice complicity between you.
So it's time not to crack, stay connected to your value system with a very simple exercise. I invite you to take a sheet to annotate all the values ​​that you defend in your daily life: Respect, tolerance, kindness etc ...

You can add your qualities to have a positive list of what you represent. It's up to you not to deviate and follow your desires to respect all these values ​​and qualities and you will see that your ex will not be able to reproach you any more afterwards.The reason is simple, do not forget that you have shared these values ​​at a given moment and so you have to show him that you are on the same wavelength despite the recent past that has led you away from each other.

So yes, you will have to act independently of his behavior for the best to know for restore love at home !

I live under the same roof as my ex and it's better, how to act now?

After several weeks (on average three to five) you will manage to avoid crises to restore complicity and kindness to the center of your relationship. This does not mean that your winback is won in advance, but you have achieved the first step of conquering crises and the negative.

From this moment, a new challenge is set up, that of recreating seduction to make your wife or man want to come back to you. So it's a good time to look good, to work on your physique with sport, to go shopping, to change your haircut ... Use all means to attract his attention and attention because it is the main advantage of the situation. Indeed, you must say to yourself " I live under the same roof as my ex so I can show him my change more easily ".

The seduction will also pass through moments of sharing to live with two or family and during which your ex will have the mind released without repeating himself "He / she absolutely wants to recover me". To arrive at this situation, you will only need to follow one rule: You are not allowed to talk about a couple, your feelings or the past, as I explain in this 5-minute video.

You may be facing rejections at first, but I encourage you to persevere and continue to implement your change and make unique and enjoyable appointments so that your ex becomes aware that he / she lack of interesting events.

With patience and a real change, I give you my coach word that your ex will notice your change and can only take steps towards you. If thousands of people have done it before you, why would not it be your turn?
To learn more, do not waste a minute and register for my online conference next Sunday at 18:00 to know "the 10 steps to recover his ex".

I tell you very quickly and I wish you the best in your reconquest! If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask me in the comments or at the conference!

Your coach number 1 to recover his ex.

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