eat normally , What does it mean?

To eat, to eat healthy, to eat at fixed times, to eat a little bit of everything, to eat to satiety ... But by the way, eat normally, what does that mean exactly?

Gérard Apfeldorfer

Psychiatrist and psychotherapist


Once upon a time there was a young person who had no food problems and who named himself Louisette.

She liked to eat, but only when she was in appetite. When he began to weaken, she quickly lost interest in the food. Some days she had a good fork, while others, she barely touched her plate. She ate a little of everything, and whenever possible, she chose to instinct, varying the pleasures because eating like that was deadly boring.

Sometimes, find out why, she stuffed herself. Because it was good, because she wanted it. The next day, suddenly, she had the appetite cut and quibbling before his plate, even skipping a meal or two. If hunger reappeared before mealtime, she nibbled on biscuits.

Obviously, this behavior had the gift of annoying his relatives. "Finish your plate, he had long been serinated. Think of all those Africans who have nothing to eat! And then, it will dispense you to nibble between You know it's bad for your health and that makes you fat. "

His parents were probably right, since that was what everyone said. But Louisette was a head in the air and listened to no one. Most of the time, she was content to follow the pulse of the moment, eat when she was hungry, not eat when she was not hungry and stop eating when she was no longer hungry.

What is the point of trying to control such a natural process? It actually worked out pretty well, so why worry?

Psychiatrist, psychotherapist, this specialist in disorders, eating behavior published by Odile Jacob Lose weight, it's in the head (1997), Folie @ Trois (1999) and, recently, losing weight is crazy!


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