Choice of future spouse: Injured people hurt. Pay attention to that!

For some time we have started a series on bitterness and lack of forgiveness in relationships, and the origin of bitterness and its terrible consequences. And today, I would like to address those who are in their period of dating telling them: BE CAREFUL! Bitterness has so much corrosive, destructive effects ... and it is very important to pay attention to this when choosing your spouse; otherwise, you will harvest in your life things you have never sown and find yourself in difficult situations that you could have avoided.

Injured people hurt and if you are dating a bitter person, hurt by life, give him time to heal before marrying him otherwise it may bring a lot of problems in your life as we saw in the video about consequences of bitterness (and that I encourage you to listen to).

Bitterness is like a root lurking in the heart that produces offspring and gives specific fruits at times.PAY ATTENTION ! Many people would like to get married and look for someone but are hurt and bitter for a variety of reasons: their fathers were unfaithful or irresponsible, their mothers abused them, in short they had a difficult childhood; they may have had a lot of hardships in life; they have been in a previous relationship in which they have been abused and they have not forgiven ... This lack of forgiveness has given birth to a root of bitterness which is in their heart and which you can not see but which you risk eating the fruits later in life, in your marriage if you are not careful.

How to recognize this root of bitterness during dating?

A recent article has spoken of the outward signs of bitterness. Here are at least 4 other points to consider, in addition to those mentioned in the article on the signs of bitterness:

  1. The person often makes general and sometimes sour and negative comments about people of the opposite sex; of the kind: "In any case the men are all infidels, runners of skirts", "Women only like the material", etc.
  2. The person is quite critical and negative about life.
  3. You have the impression of times that the life of this person stopped at a given moment, following an event that this person tells again and again as if it were yesterday.
  4. The person is hard on life, hard on people, sometimes insensitive to the suffering of others.

See the other signs of bitterness in the video below:

If this description matches the person you are currently datingI encourage you to entrust it to God so that his soul may be restored. Otherwise, you risk harvesting in your marriage fruits that you have not sown.

Women tend to play the nurse and say, " I will change it, I will help him to heal "But my sister, frankly, this emotionally wounded man does not need you, in fact, he needs God to heal his soul, which is true for men too.

Do not be in a hurry to get married to a person who is emotionally hurt, as injured people hurt. You are not a doctor of hearts. Only God can restore his soul.

And if this problem concerns you personallyif your heart or soul has been broken, if you have suffered rejection and not loved by your family, by your parents; if you had a difficult childhood, seek healing from God. Go to God and look to Him for the restoration of your inner being. Because no man, no woman, no relationship can restore your soul. Many people enter the marriage with deficiencies, wounds in their souls. Because of this, they also hurt their spouse; and that's one of the reasons many marriages are in trouble.

It is important to acknowledge your lack of emotion before marriage and to accept that your soul is healed. Otherwise, your relationship will be unbalanced and you risk emptying your spouse and becoming yourself, the architect of the destruction of your home.

May God help us make the right choices!

Be blessed,


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