Stop marital rape

The Feminist Collective Against the Viol launches a campaign against what remains a big taboo in the matter of violence within the couple: marital rape. A reality that is often ignored, yet concerns almost a third of the women raped each year in France. And most importantly, a crime punishable by law.

Margaux Rambert

"My husband forced me to make love when I did not want it ... He penetrated me that night while I slept ... He imposed sex objects pretext that I must obey his desires ... "Calls of this kind, the Feminist Collective Against Rape, receive every day. Women lost, who "do not always understand that they have been raped," says Emmanuelle Piet, president of the CLFC. In question? The persistence in mentalities of the obligation, though obsolete today, of conjugal duty. Since 1990, rape between spouses is recognized by law. And even became, in 2006, an aggravating circumstance. However, of the 75,000 women raped each year in France, 30% of them are victims of their spouse or partner. It is to denounce "an intolerable situation and a crime punished by the law" that the Feminist Collective Against the Rape launches the first television and Internet campaign to raise awareness about marital rape. Objective: to encourage victims to speak. And to change men and women to look at this sad reality.

"Of all the domestic violence, sexual violence is the most taboo, the most tolerated by society and the least judiciarized, deplores Dr. Gilles Lazimi, coordinator of the campaign.Our sexual, our society tolerates a relationship It has always been said to them that they must satisfy their companion's desire, and marriage does not give any right to dispose of the body of one's partner. "" I was raped by my spouse "... Difficult to confess, difficult to speak about it, that it is out of shame, by guilt, by fear, by affective or financial influence. As for making a complaint? "The victims will sometimes hesitate to send their spouse to a court of assizes," said Marie-France Casalis of the CLFC. A passage however obliged for Emmanuelle Piet: "as long as the aggressor will not be recognized like a delinquent, he will not want to take care of himself." Problem: There are many complaints of rape to be dequalified as a simple sexual assault. And when they succeed, "not to be punished as they should" for Gilles Lazimi, with, in most cases, sentences of only a few months in prison suspended.

To encourage women to speak - only 10% of rape and rape attempts are reported to the police and the gendarmerie - lift the law of silence and open the debate on marital rape, a 30-second spot is airing from today on TV and on social networks. Its slogan "do not let your spouse speak for you, we can help you". For this, a number exists: 0 800 05 95 95 (free and anonymous call) and a website: // www. CLFC. asso. en /. Other fight of the association: to shorten the delay of call after the facts. On average, he is four years old. 10% of the victims wait until thirty years later. And Emmanuelle Piet reminded: "Again, shame must change sides!"


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