Webconference Sunday at 6 pm: Fight against Affective Dependence

Affective dependence is a real scourge because not only does it destroy the couples it affects, but it also destabilizes and makes the person who suffers from it lose confidence. In order to fight effectively there are fortunately solutions. But instead of presenting them in an article or even in a video, I preferred to organize a live webconference. Indeed I am aware that the subject is sensitive and that you need to be guided (e) step by step.

So I created a unique content and I will present live on the internet this Sunday at 18:00 Paris time (and 12:00 Montreal time). For nearly an hour and a half I will be with you and you will discover all the steps to get out of the love addiction.

>>> I register here to get my place and overcome my emotional dependence <<<

Steps to Overcoming Affective Dependence

During this conference, I will discuss the different steps for

  1. Understand emotional dependence
  2. Fight against this phenomenon
  3. Defeat her forever!

At the end of the conference you will get all the keys to go ahead and stop suffering from this pain. To reserve your place for the conference just click below:

I reserve my place for this Sunday's web conference to overcome emotional dependence

See you on Sunday,

Alex Cormont

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