SOS open space

No more closed and isolated offices, fashion is open space. Open offices meant to streamline communication in companies while bringing employees closer. A paradise of work? Far from it, according to the "open spacers", who are suffering more and more from this organization of offices.

Margaux Rambert

Extensive open trays, offices aligned in rows of onions, computer screens in full view ... Welcome to open space. For twenty years, the small closed offices give way to these large spaces without partitions. Space saving, better circulation of information ... The trend is in the open office. But also the controversy: if more and more employees to work there, they would also increasingly poorly live it.

Cool attitude

However, the open space was initially conceived as a convivial space, proximity making communication easier. No more closed offices on the doors of which the employees dared not knock and the secretaries who prevented them from approaching: the chiefs are now in the middle of all. The atmosphere is conviviality and the tutelage often put, like pots or lunches between colleagues. An almost good-natured atmosphere where the hierarchy seems less apparent. In illusion. "She returns in the disposition: the n + 1 and the n + 2 (the senior executives) have their back to the wall while the new ones are placed in the middle of the passage.Behind this cool atmosphere, hides a violence in relations at work and isolation of everyone on his project, "says Thomas Zuber, consultant and co-author of The open space kill me , (Editions Hachette Literature).

Cocktail Party

According to the Journal du Net survey, noise is the main nuisance in open offices. In an open space, we see and hear a lot. Too often. Ringtones of landline phones, laptops, roar of the printer, "confcall" -these conferences with the loudspeaker-, music of some, strong decibels of others ... Without forgetting those who hell their colleague located at the other end of the board . In the end, the famous cocktail party where everyone ends up talking louder and louder. A real cacophony.


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