The minute philo: Irreducible solitude

Loneliness is also our singularity. This feeling of loneliness makes us suffer but brings us closer to each other by its universal side.

Charles Pepin

Loneliness is not an evil, but our condition. I am alone to be the one I am, to feel things as I feel them: "solitude" then says my singularity. It is because I am alone in front of my conscience that I will be able to behave well: "loneliness" says here that I am capable of morality. I am the only criterion of my judgment when, silent, seized by the color, I contemplate a work and find it beautiful: "solitude" then says the possibility of an aesthetic experience. I am alone too when I lose a loved one and others can not do anything for me. They will surround me perhaps, will support me: I will certainly not be isolated, but I will remain alone. As I will be alone, the day of my death, to know if my life was what it should be.

Alone among the crowd

It is isolated that we suffer most often, even if we say to suffer from loneliness. Isolation - when it is sustained and not chosen. Or "simply". Baudelaire has shown how we can feel alone among others, the crowd: we suffer from the feeling of being alone, but without being isolated: that's it, the lonely. We are unhappy because we feel misunderstood, not because "we are alone": on the contrary, we would like to be recognized what in us is precisely solitude, our beautiful and irreducible singularity. And we suffer that it is not: we are solitary diamonds and no one sees it.

Universal humanity

It is the acceptance of our irreducible loneliness that makes possible the most beautiful collective adventures, and the meeting of the other. It's because I'm alone listening to this Schubert's fa minor - because by listening to it, in my solitude assumed, I'm fully confident, me and myself alone - that I am going to find something of a humanity common to all men. And that I'm going to have this crazy desire to share. It is because Rousseau indulges in his solitary reveries that he touches something of our universal nature. The greatest works, those in which we find ourselves, those that bring us together and resemble us, are works of solitude.

The solitude that brings us closer

It is perhaps also the secret of true love: to respect, to love even the solitude of the other, which is only to him, does not dissolve in the couple. Above all, not pretending to snatch her from her. Do not ask the other the impossible: do not ask him to do that I'm not alone anymore.Love is badly off, which begins with the desire to flee her loneliness. We see who are pairing up for this, who hasten to say "we", to say "we", and who say that they would like to end their loneliness: they would not want to be alone anymore face to their conscience, to life, to beauty, to death, to the very act of deciding. They forget that this is precisely what we share, we who are not pack animals: our loneliness. We are alone, we are all alone: ​​nothing brings us closer. That's what Moustaki sang so well: "No, I'm never alone, with my loneliness ..."

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