After all, life is beautiful

"The sun hides behind the clouds, patience, its rays will illuminate you again. " I really like this sentence because I had a long period of doubt. One of those times when we wonder why this is happening to us, and if we can get by. There is so much to do that we do not even know where to start. There are days when one says oneself that one is null, that one does not serve anything. Yet we continue to give of our time, to take care of others, without receiving anything in return. So we start to crack. We go down. And here, what do we decide? Live? Die?

While everything seems lost, there is always a sign that warms our hearts. It gives us the courage to go back. There is hope, because on Earth, there is always someone who thinks of us, someone close or a complete stranger. It gives us a little of its light and we begin to appreciate the moments spent with family, friends, colleagues, landscapes, the sunset, the melody of a music, a song. It is then that we realize that the troubled days are behind us. It turns out that trials are part of life, because without them, one would not grasp the full value of magical moments.

It is natural to be tired, to get tired, to want to throw in the towel. But what is life beautiful! Today, I enjoy life that I had so much trouble loving.

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