Since my arm wound, I have anxiety attacks

I am 37 years old. Six years ago, following an arm injury, I had a first anxiety attack, then others, then a depression. Some childhood memories came back to me. But despite various therapies, I do not get away with it. Stéphane

Claude Halmos



The first anxiety attack you had, Stéphane, made you lose, you say, the form of "detachment" that you had before . This word "detachment" that you use made me think.

For everything seems to be happening as if the injury (by the way, trivial) that you suffered had once again "attached" you to things you had managed to distance from. What would it be? ? I do not know. But you tell me about the divorce of your parents and the remarriage of your mother with a man who beat her. You have spent your adolescence in fear. Haunted by the fear of finding her dead (she was doing blackmail to suicide), or having to protect her from her husband's blows. All this was therefore very heavy and probably heavy consequences.

You say, for example, obsessed with your "little person". Why "little"? Again, I do not know. But children forced to be their mother's bodyguards often feel too weak, "insufficient" to get there. And can (if nobody helps them) keep, their whole life, this idea of ​​themselves.

It is possible that the pain of your injury brought back the pains of the past. Those experienced (or imagined as such by you) by your mother and those you risked by defending her. Your idea of ​​resuming analytical work seems to me a good idea.

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