Trust in life

There is days when you do not want to fight anymore. Days when we wonder what we do here ... These kind of dark days where you sink slowly if you let go. And sometimes, we want everything to stop. Sometimes, we wonder if we are not doing a bad nightmare, we try to persuade ourselves, we say to ourselves "I'm going to wake up, I'm going to open my eyes and a bright day goes" to appear, full of light and hope ... "Only, it is not so, and one realizes that one can really be unfortunate, sad, suffer, and then one feels desperately alone.

It is sometimes at this moment that a light comes: the attention of a loved one, a word comforting, a heavy and emotional discussion with the people we love, clarifications, exchanges, love, hugs and especially a great comfort. It is in these moments that I tell myself that nothing is lost, and that there is still hope that one day I feel better. That I finally see the sun enter my body and my head. That this dark part of my being will disappear and that I feel finally released from all that weighs me, from all that imprison me: the past, the guilt, the lack of confidence in me, the eyes of others, the death ...

It's in these dark moments that I think about the people I love, my family, my friends forever ... To simple things too, like the sun, the sea, the wind on my face when I leave and the smile of some strangers I meet. I say to myself that life can also be beautiful and I make a bet that one day, I will be able to release myself, to let go and reach an indefinable happiness that I can then share with others. And that day, I'll be able to tell everyone who knows dark hours "You see, it's possible, do not give up, trust life and accept all the love you can give your surroundings, free yourself. "

This day has not arrived yet for me, but I intend to do my best to make it happen as soon as possible.

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