Parenting a Dyslexic Child

If living with dyslexia is a test for the child and the adult in the making, parents are not left out. They witness.

Anne-Laure Vaineau

A feeling of guilt

"Parents of dyslexic children, we are hit hard by guilt The feeling of not having done all that was necessary. Not to be able to manage everything, and most importantly, to not be able to save them the school failure that was inevitable in our situation.It's a constant struggle.We feel like we have a lot contributed to their suffering, we only understood them later, we reacted with the means at the edge, in the most complete ignorance.Today, it is difficult not to let ourselves be carried away by all this, by our emotions, our beliefs, our fears, our received ideas ... "

Marie-Noëlle, mother of three children, including two dyslexic boys aged 13 and 12 years old.

Alone against all

"Jean, my second son, will soon be 9. From the CP, I felt that he had difficulties in reading.At the end of the school year, I went see her teacher to talk to her about it She told me not to worry, that he was still learning and that some children were taking longer than the others. quickly tired of Jean, she told me that he was not mature, that he did not want, that he did not listen to anything.He decided to install him at the back of the class, then he is wearing glasses and does not see well at all! "She did not answer him anymore, often shouted at her, I told her about my doubts, the confusions I heard during the reading. It did not matter, it was about to come in. I ended up taking her to a speech therapist for a checkup and she told me that John was late reading in relation to his age and age. class, that he made a lot of confusion of sounds. [...] Since we have progressed well, Jean has been going to the speech therapist every week and we have been following a Tomatis therapy, which has calmed him, soothed him and restored his self-confidence. He has made a lot of progress and his teacher ranks her this year in the leading group at the results level. As a result, he is much less anxious and negative than last year. "

Verlaine, mother of two

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