Disorders of Self-Esteem

Disorders of Self-Esteem

Poor self-esteem can lead to problems such as nervousness, bulimia or shame. How to stop it?

Christophe André

Psychiatrist and psychotherapist


2) How to put an end to bulimia linked to self-hatred?

The association, disorders of self-esteem and eating disorders, is very common. But awareness of one's problems is only one step, the first. It is not always enough.

The goal of any psychotherapy is to lead to changes in behavior and lifestyles, if they lead to suffering. Perhaps it is necessary to enter a phase more oriented towards that: it consists of taking what appears probably still risks (talking about oneself, going towards others, revealing oneself ...). And gradually learn to take into account the affection and esteem of others, instead of relying only on his own, very self-critical look.

3) Can we overcome his nervousness?

Stage fright is what is known as "performance anxiety": the person is comfortable except when an audience observes to evaluate it. Stage fright is associated with very uncomfortable physical manifestations (heart that knocks, tremors, etc ...) and a decrease in the ability to concentrate and express oneself.

To overcome it: a little relaxation, a little psychological work and a lot of practice (yes to personal development if it includes many opportunities to speak in front of the group).

4) Why are we sometimes ashamed of ourselves in love?

Shame is a destructive emotion in romantic relationships. One piece of advice: It's not up to you to judge if you like, but to others. The mistake we often make, in response to our own questions ("Can I please?"), Is to bring the answers ourselves ("no, surely not!").

It is a formidable means to never evolve, because we never take into account the opinion of others and the lived experiences, locked up that we are in our interior monologues. To change, you need a risk that can seem huge: jump into the water and let others see us in their own way!

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