What my sister taught me about women

With or without a sister, a man is not the same. Protected or protective, the brothers, big or small, all discovered the strength of the so-called weak sex ... Crossed remarks for a lesson of femininity.

Stanislas De Haldat

All the psys say it: the first woman of a man is his mother. The second, for the one who has one, is his sister. The one who, very early, shows her how a girl turns into a woman, and one who goes, sometimes deeply, to influence her relations with the feminine gender. "I immediately make the difference between my friends who have a sister and those who do not. do not have one, "says David, one of our witnesses," they do not behave the same way with women. "

In searching their memories, most of the men who shared their childhood with a sister do so finding. If they only needed five minutes to wash and get dressed, the girls in the house lived in the bathroom and the wardrobes. They also remember that, during family clashes, the names of birds varied according to their target: a father could treat his son as a "little con" without too much damage, but was less likely to give his daughter a "little bitch". They still remember the mysterious female meetings that accompanied the puberty of their sisters. A thousand details have thus informed them about the other sex, but, taboo incest obliges, their sexual education mutual was generally limited to the games of the doctor and the patient. Finally, it appears that feminism has deeply affected post-baby boom families: none of the brothers interviewed here perceived her sister - and later women - as a small thing to protect. On the contrary ...

Frédéric 41 years old, consultant

"The divorce of our parents separated us when we were teenagers, but Florence and I always remained very close, she went to our mother who had betrayed her existence bourgeois to lead a bohemian life with avant-garde artists, and I stayed with my father.It matured faster than I. Teenagers, we still lived a year together and practically alone.When she landed with her girlfriends, I almost felt she was offering them to me, I was less enticed than they were and it cooled me a little, but I got in contact with Florence and my mother, the taste of free, autonomous women.Today, I am attracted only by those who show a strong personality.While they can scare some men who are content to admire them from afar, I do not on the contrary no problem to tackle them. "

Floren this 40-year-old mosaicist

"I have never felt like" arranging his blows ", as he seems to believe.Especially since he did not want me to know his girlfriends, no more yesterday than now. He is very jealous of his freedom and I respect it. On the other hand, he has always been very protective today. I only tell her one thing about women: "Pay attention to those who fall in love with you. Women can be more fragile than you think and your freedom can hurt them. "


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