Start a therapy: there is no age!

Despite conventional wisdom, there is no age to start therapy! Because it brings a real better being, a different lighting on oneself ... the therapy is a real ally to age well. Explanations.

Isabelle Taubes

The grandmother of a friend started a psychotherapy at 101 years old. In fact, a family therapy of about ten sessions with the rest of his tribe to put an old quarrel dating from the war. The psychiatrist had moved to the old lady's home and had accepted with pleasure the cupcakes she had made for him. "They remind me of my mother's," he exclaimed. Nevertheless, real work had been done, settling a crisis that could have exploded this family.

It's never too late

At 52, Hermione, secretary, started working on her. His entourage mocked: "At your age, what are you waiting for?" Quickly, she dared to leave a purely food work to assume her true desire: to become a translator. And to say that Freud affirmed, at a conference in 1904, that the over 50s can not benefit from an analysis, for lack of the psychic plasticity necessary to explore their fantasies, their imaginary world, or transform their gaze on the real! It was a shame, since he was 48 at the time, and continued to rethink his theses on psychoanalysis until his death in 1939, more than 80 years ago.

At any age, starting a therapy is a difficult undertaking. And the further we go in maturity, the more difficult it may seem to us to change in 2009. In a therapy, it is the child in us who speaks. Also, being 15, 20 or 80 years old should not make any essential difference. A therapy is not necessarily an experience of radical change in the way we live. It is an opportunity to speak to understand what is happening to us.

Reconcile with its past to rejuvenate

Now, this desire can perfectly continue to live for a few seconds before we give up. Psychoanalyst Danielle Quinodoz believes that many older people could benefit from family therapy and cognitive and behavioral therapies. She herself does not hesitate to accept septuagenarian or octogenarian patients. "I do not see any age limit to undertake psychotherapy, and even psychoanalysis, she explains." The criterion is: is the person motivated? Psychoanalysis is an inner journey to myself My first patient was 70. She stayed four years at four sessions a week, and as a teenager, she had been severely traumatized.She was only able to find peace thanks to this step, which allowed her to finally integrate this moment of her history. By reconciling herself to her past, she has even rejuvenated, curiously. "

Inventing her life from day to day

It's never too late for a seemingly interminable analysis to end. Woody Allen, Whatever Works , is an illustration of this: At 73, the man who spent his adult life on the couch shows us that he has found "his" solution to settle his accounts with desire and with the other sex, and daring to let go to accommodate chance.It is in the title of the film: "Everything, as long as it works." But without harming others.No miracle recipe, it is up to us to invent our life from day to day!

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==> Which therapy would suit you?

Faced with the proliferation of therapies, we do not always know which one to choose! And once the therapeutic work has reached its cruising speed, we sometimes want to change, to try another trip ... Now, each of us is waiting for something different ent of such an adventure. To discover your therapeutic quest of the moment, go into some questions about your conception of therapy, and let yourself be guided on the road of well-being!

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