Femininity is not a question of age

And what about women?

The problem is that women have become very, very demanding. They expect men to perform well in society, at work, in bed, in family ... They suffer from the Prince Charming syndrome, this idealized image of the man, which does a lot of damage. Man can not, and does not necessarily want to answer. And it is women who, because of their rapid evolution, pay to be alone. Around the fifties, it is very difficult to find someone.

What do you remember about relations between men and women?

The relations between men and women are distorted, parallel, and do not always meet: one looks for oneself, one does not necessarily find oneself. I am afraid of the word "men-women equality". We can speak of equality on the social level but not in the way of being, of thinking. Physiological differences make men and women complementary.

In your book, you talk about menopause in particular. This stage of life raises many concerns for women. How to cross the cap?

In France, menopause remains taboo. "Being menopausal" is an embarrassing word. Some women go so far as to pretend: they continue to have tampons in their bags. But menopause is a mandatory course. And in the 21st century, there are medical ways to handle that. We can not prevent aging but early aging, yes. And most importantly, menopause is by no means the end of femininity. It's the beginning of a second life, a renewal: look at the number of women who make their career back at 50! The woman is released from her children, the constraint of the rules ... Sometimes, she is alone: ​​it is then necessary to find a man. Or keep his.

Finally, how would you summarize femininity?

Femininity is at first in the mind, and in no way proportional to beauty - there are some very beautiful women who are absolutely not feminine. It then goes through the physical, the look and the way of being. And it's absolutely not a question of age. I have fallen in love with one of my patients: she was 85 years old! I thought it was wonderful ...


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