Therapeutic qi gong against overwork

qi gong allows you to reconnect with your inner self to restore communication between yourself and your body and between yourself and others. And thus revive the flow of vital energy ( qi ).

Agnes Rogelet

The principle . In case of exhaustion, our vital energy (the qi ) is present but it no longer circulates, according to traditional Chinese medicine, which gymnastics is a branch in itself. The therapeutic qi gong is characterized by targeted exercises and more individualized than the practice of maintenance. Thus, for the victims of overwork "crushed" between an inner pressure and external constraints, the gentle movements aim at relaxing the internal tensions, to control its energy and to direct the recovered self-consciousness so as to give a new meaning to its life.

The meeting . The ideal is to start with an individual course. Then being in a small group offers support. Everyone will describe their condition ("I feel empty", "I digest badly" ...) so that the teacher personalizes his instructions. The first relaxation exercises, based on breathing and concentration, are static. For example: inhale by paying attention to one's knotted stomach and exhaling by releasing tensions in the ground. The practitioner then introduces images (like a shower sweeping the inside of the body) to facilitate the reconnection between the body and the mind, and to feel that something animates you despite your intense fatigue. Then come dynamic movements (rotations, stretching ...) that relaunch the flow of energy and provide a feeling of vitality. Finally, a time of expression allows to develop a strategy to deflect the tensions instead of cash them. Including mentally pouring the moods of others in a trash placed next to you!

The duration. One hour per week (supplemented by fifteen minutes daily at home) for at least six months, for 10 to 15 euros per session (40 to 50 euros individually).

Other indications . Chronic fatigue, depressive states, emotional or functional disorders (sleep, digestion ...).

Incompatibilities . Qi Gong, soft and deep, requires both regularity and strong motivation. It will be more effective before reaching the point of rupture of burn-out.

Find a practitioner . On the body. org.

Thanks to Dominique Casaÿs, president of the qigong teachers' federation, energetic art and Chinese culture center Les Temps du corps.

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