Should we weigh all the months, the weeks, the days .

Should we weigh all the months, the weeks, the days ... or never?

Can the scale affect our morale?

Gérard Apfeldorfer

Psychiatrist and psychotherapist


How many of them find a lie detector in their scales? Does the weight shown not symbolize the value of the individual, inversely proportional to the weight expressed in kilograms? A person of low weight is fundamentally active, dynamic and brave; a heavy person shows in the eyes of all his flagrant lack of will.

The weight value is quickly fetishized: 59 kg 900 in the morning will mean a nice day, while your 60 kg 100 will continue until bedtime, unless you lose a few grams approaching midday.

The more precise the scale, the more it dramatizes an inevitably fluctuating weight. Because the weight varies from two to three kilos more or less according to the degree of hydration, the type of food ingested, the physical exercise accomplished, according to whether it is cold or hot, that one will have been stressed or that one is relaxed, according to the periods of the feminine cycle.

Taking these pounds seriously is like enjoying the low tides and letting loose high tides. Seen in this way, bathroom scales are nothing but machines to create untimely emotions.

Is it necessary to store the scale in the closet? And why not? Provided however that this does not result from a policy of the ostrich, a denial of the body. We will weigh ourselves with circumspection: once a week at most, without taking into account the decimals, by only looking at the general trend over several weeks. And we will not forget that what is weighed is our body, not our person, let alone our soul.

Gérard Apfeldorfer

Psychiatrist, psychotherapist, this specialist in disorders, eating behavior published by Odile Jacob Lose weight, it's in the head (1997), Folie @ Trois (1999) and, recently, lose weight, it's crazy!


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