They do not talk about their emotions

I read your article: "Why men do not know how to break up". For my part, I already had to separate and I had to take the initiative of the cut. It is true that the boys do not give us any chance to defend us, because even if I broke, it remains that they are always very silent on their emotions. Often, I did not feel their "companion" but their mother. That's the big problem with men of the other generation.

Today, I am the mother of two beautiful boys and I admit that we, the mothers-mothers, also have our role to play in their education. By instinct, we overprotect them and we are much less severe with our sons than with our daughters. Girls are still often raised in order to know how to do everything (or almost): a mentality that is still very present. I try to separate things, which is not always easy. And yes, we must have another way of raising our boys and girls, especially our boys who should speak much more, to come to a man / woman relationship and not boy / mother. Thank you, kindly to you ...

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