On the readers' side: What Psycho changed in me

Reading Psychologies is not insignificant, it reveals a true philosophy of life, based on the search for oneself and the desire to be more aware of the world. Our readers often write to us: this magazine is a companion that helps them to move forward.

"I see the world and life differently"

Hélène, 31, commercial attaché

"I do not remember if I discovered Psycho first for my job or my pleasure, but I remember that I thought about it right away, and in 2005, the supplement on holidays differently changed my life? "It was about solidarity leave, proposed by Planète Urgence, I called the association and, a few weeks later, I was going on a three-week socio-educational mission to Madagascar, I travel a lot, but this trip has really changed something deep in me, I've been living differently since then. how, but I know that the humanitarian will not leave me.This is a very good example of the role of Psycho in my life: it concretizes what is in germ. "

" It helped me to become adult, and to like that "

Yan, 40, comedian, trainer

" This magazine, I started reading it ten years ago, at the time I realized that it was time to get out of adolescence and choose where to direct my life. At that time, I also changed jobs. When one is an actor, one is at the same time instrument and instrumentalist, one "self-center". That's pretty scary? ! Psycho is like a window that allows you not to lock yourself in there, by focusing on two axes: personal evolution, of course, but also the understanding of others. These trips between me and the others are exciting and inexhaustible. That's why everything interests me in this journal: subjects that do not concern me directly open me to the world? ; the others allow me to measure the progress made and the one that remains to be done. All this in a tone both deep and light, which looks exactly like the way I envision life. This diary helped me to become an adult, and to love that. I think that by regularly "softening" my firmest ideas, it also helps me to keep the flexibility of mind necessary to age in beauty. "

" It has changed my look on the body "

Cynthia, 23 years old, communication student

"It seems to me that, for people my age, the psychiatrist has entered the mores without needing to look more specifically. The proof, we do not wait more years to go to seek help from a specialist if something is wrong ... Me, I am very web, I am a "subscriber" of Psychologies. com? ! It suits me a lot more.I feel like I'm growing up with him. The way we talk about well-being has changed my view of the body. Harmonization between mind and body is always taken into consideration "

" I wanted to help others "

Patricia, 48, bank clerk, trade unionist

" I read Psycho mag since 1991? ! I am absolutely faithful to him, although I preferred the austere and rigorous side of the first issues. It has become much more beautiful, licked, bright: it's nice, but less important, in my eyes, than the contents of the files. What fascinates me is the human being and its multiplicity. Besides, I seriously consider taking training to learn to listen and help others. I think it's time? ; it's part of my personal journey ... "

" I regained my self-confidence "

Jessica, 36, marketing and merchandising director

" Getting into Psychologies makes me feel good. This magazine talks about things I would not know who to talk to, and has been with me for over four years. I progress and improve with him. Records like "Letting go" and "Having self-confidence" arrived at the right moment, just when I needed to ... let go and regain confidence? ! It helped me, really, concretely, giving me another way to look at the world and life, without ever giving lessons or saying "you have to ...". This newspaper is like a fellow traveler. It's part of my life. "

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