We were forced to get married

I got married three months ago. Even if we are in love, this marriage was fast, a rancor against this system that alienates us. I left for a mission in Africa. I met my companion. It was soon time to think of a return to France. There was no professional future for me there. I was faced with a dilemma: leaving the man I love or getting married. Such a stupid choice exasperates me. To be constrained by the administration is terrible.

We could not have united. In this case, my husband should have made many round trips, which would generate heavy costs. I never wanted to get married. I always wanted to feel free. The system crushes us, imposes us and suspects us. I think it's too much! Too much pressure, too many suspicious looks.

Now that we are in France, the ball of visits will begin. To check if we are a real couple, if mister deserves his residence card ... Love then becomes a calculation, an argumentation. Are our toothbrushes in the same cup? Love no longer has the lightness and freshness that characterizes it.

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