ÉRic Dudoit: "Spiritual accompaniment is essential at the end of life"

What is the impact of meditation on your patients?

Eric Dudoit: Silence and let thoughts freely follow their course allows you to be in the here and now. It is through contact with people in imminent death that I have learned the quality of the present moment, the state of peace it provides and the gain for the psychic apparatus. Meditation helps to open the field of the individual's consciousness, to trust each other. But also to stop all wanting to seize and govern with his mind, the greatest commentator of our life. To stop believing our thoughts and judgments allows us to be closer to facts and perceptions. We also observed that meditation affects pain. Most of the time, when it's too high, we want to escape. This is a significant loss of energy, especially since it does not decrease at all, on the contrary. Meditating can accommodate this pain and reduce it, better support treatments (chemo, radiotherapy, surgery ...). But also to become an actor of his illness, in the sense that it will help us feel our body and listen to what he has to say.

Do you also use stories about EMI (imminent death experience), why?

Eric Dudoit: The NDE talks about the experience of people who have escaped death and who bring back memories. These stories often have similarities: impression of "decorporation", conviction of being dead but conscious in an immaterial body, displacement in a long tunnel, intense light, meeting with deceased persons or "beings of light" ... They show us that consciousness can continue. With our patients, we view EMI as a contemporary myth, neither true nor false, and exchange around different media, including Sonia Barkallah's False Start 1 DVD or the works of Dr. Raymond Moody 2 . We found that these discussions instilled hope and helped to reduce the patient's anxio-depressive syndrome, to make the connection between him and his family, to help him talk about death and his death. But also to live more serenely the moment of the last breath, essential for the future. I am convinced that the death of the body is not that of the soul, that consciousness is not secreted by the brain. She is relocated. I think we have many lives and that forms the "life" of our human nature. This is why this "passage" is so essential to my eyes: as for birth, it is important to make this passage of life to death in the best conditions and as peaceful as possible.My intention is not to thwart death, but to look at it as a fact - I must die - and not through the prism of the mental representations that we can have about it: the abyss, emptiness, nothingness, the separation ... And if this passage was not so difficult? Life never stops, it is the form that takes it that changes.

1. False Departure, investigation of the imminent death experiences, documentary Sonia Barkallah (S17 Production).

2. Raymond Moody, author of the bestseller Life After Life (I read). Last published book: Give meaning to nonsense (Guy Trédaniel publisher).

Isabelle, 42, computer graphic designer

In sick leave since 2014, currently in targeted therapy for brain metastases

"The storm in my head has subsided"

"When the doctor m ' announced my breast cancer, for me, it was clear, I was going to die Most of the people I met at the day hospital were relapsing For months, billions of questions have rushed into my head, on life, death ... what am I going to become after, why am I here, what am I serving, who am I finally, I could find no answer, no more meaning to my existence. was confused, in the total blur In depression It's hard to want to live when you have no desire, nothing to hang in. Only negative emotions I realized my past mistakes, all these things wasted years when I ignored and slaughtered my body with all sorts of drugs. "Eric Dudoit calmed this tem In my head, the first time I saw him, I was surprised by his open-mindedness. We talked about Buddhism, Hinduism and all these things in "ism". He does not enclose spirituality in a box. I understood that to perceive life differently, to find meaning, I had to free myself from my representations and find my own spiritual path. If he were there, he would say to me: "It is still your mind that speaks! "That's right, I'm fighting against my mind. To help me curb it, I participate in the mindfulness meditation group. It's difficult, very tiring, my body makes me suffer, I can not sit for a long time, I'm lost in my thoughts. But I persevere. The group is good for me, listening to the breath of others allows me to refocus. After three sessions, I'm already seeing effects. I discover this feeling of time slowed down, to live in the here and now. More than that: I become aware of my body, this body that encumbered me, and its importance. I want to take care of it, listen to it and respect it. I begin to accept myself and accept the world around me as it is; I feel more complete, more connected. I now know why I want to heal: drop the city that cuts me off, walk the roads, contemplate, put the human in my life, go to meet people.I still feel a veil in front of me, a long way waiting for me, but Eric Dudoit inspires me with confidence, helps me to find my breath. He opened doors for me. Thanks to the awareness of my body, even if I miss half of it, I think I will recover from this cancer. "

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