Welcome letter to my successor

To you my successor,

I never wanted your existence. You have never been part of my plans for the future. In my dreams of my future life, you should not be here. I also doubt that you wanted my ghost in your life. You had not planned to meet you with a man who had lived 11 years of love with another. I do not think you either wanted me in your life.

And then, you arrived. By surprise, during a conversation. The magic of the internet and my natural curiosity made me know a lot about you. Here you have been in his life for several months. I'm running your life on Facebook. You have the same job as him and I learn that you continue the trips we had planned two ... Our dream of Africa, here it is for you.

I can not control my nightmares and here you are, appearing several nights in a row. I see you sleeping in my bed where we have made love hundreds of times. I hear him call you my heart (the little name he gave me). I'm still here everywhere and here you are already. Another thought haunts me, and if you had already met my second family? And if, like him, they would scratch me and welcome you with open arms?

In the end, why all this anxiety? You are not me, you will never be me ... I am here ... and you will not be able to erase me. I'll be there on all his albums. It's been a year and a half since we've been separated ... My life is back to normal. I also have a boyfriend who lives with the ghost of this past love, I love him very much though.

If I write to you it's for my well-being, it's my therapy to move forward. By evacuating all that jealousy that boils inside me and that does not look like me.


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