The languages ​​of the heart

Jacques Salome

A few years ago, a man wrote to me: "I need today to privilege the language of the heart rather than that of the reason, the language of the love rather than that of the interest, the language of giving rather than that of taking or retention.Free to me to expand my today to tomorrow without locking it into the past and / or the fear of the future. "

But what is the language of the heart? For some, it will give voice to the direct feelings, the feeling of the moment that bursts or shines in the present, the expression of an emotion that alone says more than a hundred speeches.

For others, it will be a quality of presence and listening proposed without compensation, centered on the person and not on his problem or on his difficulty. For others, it will be a movement towards, a caress, a smile, a silence tense towards reception, an impulse that agrees with a desire, a vitality that harmonizes with a dream and takes the risk of speak out.

Too often, unfortunately, the languages ​​of the heart clash with the languages ​​of the intellect, with the well-honed mechanics of logic, with the more subtle of beliefs, which for some are certainties leaving no room for irruption of the irrational. What makes all that the man of heart can feel, experience, propose is recovered by a closed listening to the right brain, connected to the left brain, which refers to categories, to stereotypes where the good and the bad are well labeled; the pleasant and the useful, canned; the proper and the normal, weighed; the clean and the beautiful, valued at their true value; and where a whole life is sometimes programmed from birth to death.

To dare the languages ​​of the heart and, beyond them, those of compassion, of the unconditional acceptance of the moment, is to be able to leave one's own prison, the one of which we are the most vigilant jailers and perhaps the fiercest, to go on the path of love. A gift of love that does not appropriate, that is not necessary, that does not want to be exclusive, that offers itself and is available. A love capable of curbing the impatience of our utopias, of forgetting millennia of subjugation, of inviting us to take a step aside from our conditioning, to overcome the fear of rejection or abandonment to make us find the time of innocence when we were in almost permanent communion with the divine who inhabited our souls.

This man added: "Finally, I put on people and things a brand new look, washed of all my doubts, a look that belongs to me at last.Yes, the language of the heart is the one that delivers the most intimate of me, the most unfinished also and therefore the most risky.Today, I want to sow singing and quivering words, maybe they will come back to enlighten me more."Among all the paths that are offered on the multiple paths of our life, the path of the heart is open to everyone, it is possible to take it at any age.

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