Coaches will replace psys

Do you think that the coaches will replace the psys?

The term "coach" will in any case become general, because it is more rewarding. A large number of psychologists already offer coaching procedures. But generally, it is about "revamped" therapy. In this sense, we can effectively say that coaches will replace the psys. In fact, it is the psys who, for some, will change their name!

Choose his shrink

1. Ask the coach about his training , his experience and especially his method. Do not be impressed by great, unverifiable speeches punctuated by a few well-known names.

2. Have the point-by-point method explained, until you have fully understood. Do not settle for smoking generalities: the coach must rely on a precise and controlled technique.

3. Always establish a specific goal and agree with the coach on observable criteria of impairment.

4. Set a schedule indicating the (approximate) number of sessions. The one who answers you that you can not know how many sessions will require the work is not a coach: it's a shrink!

5. At the end of each session, synthesize : "What did this session bring me, what is the program for the next?" A serious coach will not let you go without this step, the backbone of change.

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