Christophe André: Massages for Sarko, funny movies for Ségo

Although they may be beasts of politics, this work on oneself remains a considerable project they have maybe not undertaken. Lack of time? On envy?

Perhaps they have the feeling that this identity work could make them vulnerable ... Because in the end, their faults are quite related to the identity of their political figure. What we call defects today are certainly weaknesses that they knew, at one time, to transform into force: Nicolas Sarkozy had to fight and show a lot of aggressiveness to get where he is. Ségolène Royal, attacked from all sides, needed to feel called and protects herself behind her stiffness.

Which of the two seems the most fit for tonight's duel?

Maybe Nicolas Sarkozy who seems more comfortable in verbal contests. But everything will be played in the first minutes and can switch to one side or the other ...

What would you advise them to prepare the best possible? To manage their stress better?

I will suggest meditation. To teach their minds to stay in the moment. Because tonight, one like the other will have a small dot counter in the head "I put a blow to him, I just took one ...". They must be able to reset this counter every moment, at every point taken or given. In order to be fully aware and intelligent in the debate. And then they have to prepare themselves emotionally to respect each other. Because this is also what we will expect from the one who will settle at the Elysee.

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