We must not leave traces of our passage

Do you think that in matters of eco-citizenship, you still have some progress to make?

Catherine Chabaud: I am not always irreproachable, I try to strive for the best. Only then can I spread my message: by example. If I can make others want to follow my advice, we will begin with a small gesture, then a second ... Multiplied by 10, 100, 1000, we will eventually have a positive impact on the planet.

But we all have progress to make. I still feel very angry when I see, in my discharge in Brittany, TVs or refrigerators abandoned while there is a recycling stream.

What are you going to do today to continue on this path?

I'm lucky to have many projects that fascinate me. I enjoy it. Today, my great fight remains the mission of the ministry. We have problems that we did not know before; there is a tremendous intellectual gamberge for the good of the planet, the exchanges are rich. It is exhilarating to see that everyone is carrying the same dynamism: we are all very excited by the innovations of each other ...

Who is Catherine Chabaud?

The sailor and journalist is currently conducting a "Boating and Sustainable Development" mission entrusted by Jean-Louis Borloo to support the environmental approach already implemented by the nautical sector. At the same time, it is pursuing its projects in eco-navigation with the University of Southern Brittany.

She publishes Preserve the sea and its coastline at Editions Glénat, in September. If she stopped the competition since 2001, she went back to the sea last summer to run the Transquadra, a race for more than 40 years ...


To read:

- Preserve the sea and its shoreline, Ed. Glénat, 2008

- Free woman, always you will cherish the sea, with Jean-Luc Garnier, Ed. Hunting Tide, 2008

- Possible dreams, Ed West Wind, 1997

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